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A major product of the Summit is the Consensus Statement on Future Directions for the Behavioral and Social Sciences in Oral Health. The Consensus Statement affirms the significant influence of behavioral and social factors on dental, oral, and craniofacial health. In addition, and most importantly, the Consensus Statement outlines the essential research focus areas and critical next steps that experts agree are most likely to maximize the impact of behavioral and social sciences for the promotion of oral health. The Consensus Statement is intended to stimulate future work that will achieve the Summit's vision of promoting oral health globally by advancing the robust application of behavioral and social sciences.

An initial, working draft of the Consensus Statement was developed by the Summit's Steering Committee, comprised of the same people who served as session chairs for the Summit. The Consensus Statement was proposed in draft form at the Summit, discussed there, and subsequently vetted online during a public open comment period that included submission of recommendations from interested stakeholders. All feedback then was considered by the Summit Steering Committee and the Consensus Statement was iteratively refined. The final version was unanimously approved by the Steering Committee. The Consensus Statement was then posted for endorsement by individuals and organized groups.

The Consensus Statement was endorsed by more than 400 individuals and groups from around the world, and they are acknowledged in the Appendix that accompanies the Statement.

The Consensus Statement was published in January 2022 in the Journal of Dental Research, the flagship publication of the International Association for Dental Research (IADR). You can access the Consensus Statement, which is available Open Access, via the link below. You can read the IADR press release about the Consensus Statement here.


For questions about the Consensus Statement, contact Drs. Daniel W. McNeil ( and Cameron L. Randall (

Read the published Consensus Statement on Future Directions for the Behavioral and Social Sciences in Oral Health!

In addition to the published Consensus Statement, interested parties may find the following resources helpful:

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